Through the years, the Foundation has developed several projects , focused on offering to the kids of both villages the ideal conditions and tools to pursue a better future as well as to offer to the local villagers different opportunity of life quality improvement by creating Zanzibar help projects.

Some of our Zanzibar help projects consist in building a water tank and offering a free delivery of potable water once a week to the school and to the villages, building news classes, creating a library and a computer lab as well as the construction of new buildings for the school to host a nursery area for the youngest children, toilettes, labs and a small auditorium that serves both the school and the villages for official meetings, elections and exams.

The latest Zanzibar help projects program of the Foundation is focused on swimming classes for children and adults. The reason why of this program stands in the fact that very few villagers know how to swim despite the majority of the local population are fishermen or work with the sea.

The Zanzibar help projects program has been officially inaugurated on January 6th, 2016, and currently counts 100 subscriptions among children and adults, with a majority of women adults.

Our aim is to achieve in a short time the target of 500 villagers able to swim properly.

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More recently the Foundation has developed a scholarship program to allow the best students of Michanvi School to attend University in Town.