The Kichanga foundation provided water in the schools since water is one of the most important substances on Earth. Water is an essential nutrient that is vital to life of human being. We must have water to survive, and we really need enough water for better surviving. One important step  we had is to set water tank in the school sine there were limited sources of cleaning drinking water, were available for school area this is due to the school could not have enough water fountains for students.

Water access to Kichanga schools is important for student’s health and ability to learn as other schools. Water is required to be available in schools as it is important for students to have water for their uses, such as, cultivation, school cleaning, for toilet use, for drinking. Also water is important for students during meals.

In December 2010, President Obama (USA) signed the health, hunger-free kids Act of 2010, where by one of the provisions of this act was requirement that school, make free drinking water available to students during school meals. In September 2010, California passed similar Legislation. Before 2010 there was no such policy but they saw the importance of water in schools